nicolsound recording studio

Jean Nicolson’s recording studio in Ayrshire

Nicolsound studio incorporates the most up to date computer based multi tracking techniques and is home to a range of high spec audio equipment and software.

Jean’s approach is relaxed, friendly and honest: taking you through the process step by step with no previous recording experience on your part required. If needed, Jean will advise along the way to ensure you get the best out of your recording session(s).

At the end of the day, a studio captures creativity and performance. Jean will make sure the environment is right for that to happen.

The studio’s expertise, knowledge and experience extends to solo singers/duos, bands, singing groups, instrumental groups, (classical/easy listening/pop/jazz/folk/acoustic/rock) rather than EDM/rap/hip hop.

Is this you?

  • You are a  singer/songwriter and want to record your material. You would also like some help to develop the ideas in your writing.
  • You are a band/artist and would like some tracks recorded and mixed.
  • You are a performer, but find it difficult to get gigs because you don’t have any good recordings of what you do.
  • As a songwriter /composer, you’ve hit a wall because you don’t know how to add sonic interest to your compositions and convert your ideas into a full blown music production.
  • You are a singing amateur but are serious about what you do. You would like to record professionally, but are too daunted by the idea of a formal commercial recording studio.
  • You already have the various elements of your track recorded, but need a fresh pair of ears to mix it and make it shine!
  • You would like some recordings of yourself as an improvement guide. So you can listen to and evaluate your performance.
  • You are the conductor or member of a choir (maximum ten/twelve in the studio) and would like to  make a CD to sell at venues or for your own personal satisfaction.
  • You are an instrumentalist/ensemble performing in a small venue. You would like a good quality stereo recording of your gig done on location.
  • You enjoy performing the spoken word and would like a recording of yourself reciting poetry or narrating.
  • You would love to be able to understand the recording process and computer based multi track music production, but when you obsessively trawl YouTube videos to find out more, well, it just all seems too much! A few lessons at Nicolsound with some informal one to one tuition on music production could put you on the right track (pun intended)
  • Get in touch to discuss your project!
Meredith McCrindle pedal harp being recorded at Nicolsound.
Local artists recording in Nicolsound live room.
Neumann TLM on saxophone.
Recording violin in Ayrshire Recording Studio in Mauchline. Near Kilmarnock, Ayr, Cumnock, Irvine and Glasgow.

Nicolsound Recording Studio is located in the village of Mauchline, Ayrshire, local to Kilmarnock, Ayr, Cumnock and irvine. And approx 30 minutes south of Glasgow.

Nicolsound Recording Studio

... combining hi-tech ...

... computer based multi tracking techniques ...

... with an informal environment ...

Cost will be quoted on a ‘project’ basis rather than by the hour. For long term recording projects, contact Jean to discuss.

After a first time meet, Jean will advise on how you can make your recording sessions go smoothly and enjoyably. There will be no clock watching and every effort will be made to ensure an excellent result.

Nicolsound Recording Studio in Ayrshire The Hub. Main desk view.